New Ubuntu coming out really soon, not entirely sure what it will offer that will benefit this server (hosting this site!) but you can be sure I will be upgrading!

I have to thank Mike for Linux. Two years ago I knew next to nothing about Linux, all I knew about computers was how to add songs to my iTunes on my Windows machine, and how to load StarCraft. Mike told me to check out Linux, and told me to install Ubuntu, and I have been loving it ever since! I made the full switch (ditched XP except for, coincidently, iTunes and StarCraft) and used primarily Ubuntu. It was a big day changing the GRUB boot order to Ubuntu first, Windows second.

Even though I use a Mac, I love it because it is Unix based and can natively connect to all of my Linux boxes through ssh. It was something about 2 years ago that was a good time for me, I decided to use Linux and learn the dvorak keyboard, and I followed both through until the end and didn’t quit.