Mk cm p wth ‘Mk Spk’ tdy.. t’s whr y rmv ll f th vwls frm wht y sy, bt y kp th sntncs mnng ntct. Try t t, y mght lk t.

T gnrt ‘Mk Spk’ I wrt rlly smpl scrpt cll “rmvvwls” tht llws y t pp txt nt t, r cll t drctly nd gnrt mk spk thrgh stndrd n.


Mike came up with ‘Mike Speak’ today.. it’s where you remove all of the vowels from what you say, but you keep the sentences meaning intact. Try it out, you might like it.

To generate ‘Mike Speak’ I wrote a really simple script i call “removevowels” that allows you to pipe text into it, or call it directly and generate mike speak through stdin.

echo "hello world!" | removevowels
hll wrld!


# removevowels
sed -e 's/[aoeui]//g'