I am about 90% of the way done with my Ampache Now Playing drupal module! You can get a sneak peak of what it will look like on the right hand side of my website under the menu! I will be posting it to drupals website, making a youtube video going through the process of installing it and configuring it with your ampache installation (it’s not hard at all!), and telling ampache.org about it.

If you are unfamiliar with Ampache check it out at Ampache. It’s an awesome and free way to catalog and access your music anywhere in the world. It’s PHP/MySQL driven, and you can an install it on any computer with apache or fastcgi running. You can access it over the web or on your phone. I use my iPhone to stream my music using ampache, it’s perfect, check it out!

My buddy at Lights and Shapes is also working on a Now Playing Ampache plug-in for wordpress!