Well my Ampache Now Playing module for drupal is officially 100% done! Pending its approval at http://drupal.org you will be able to download and use it! This is my first big project in php/mysql so I’m really excited for it to be out there for people to use.

Once it gets approved i will dedicate a page here for it, but until then…


The Ampache Now Playing Module can display, in a block, the current song you are listening to with Ampache, as well as its corresponding album art. The module takes the RSS now playing feed from Ampache, and uses that to display the current song, artist and album, as well as from what device you are streaming to, and what time you streamed it (started listening).

Next, you can put in your Ampache Credentials (username and password) to have the module automatically download the album art for the current song and display it in the block!

This module will also take care of any caching for you, meaning it will save what song you are currently listening to, and refresh that every X number of seconds, to avoid unnecessary connections to your Ampache installation. It will also store the album art locally in drupal to cut down in the amount of bandwidth used by this module!

You can see this module in action on the right side of my site (labeled Ampache Now Playing). I have it set up to show the last song I was listening to if I am not currently listening to anything. It can also be set up to display the words “Nothing Playing”, or even hide the block if nothing is playing!

This module is highly customizable and I can’t wait to get it approved and available for download on drupal website!

More Features

Though this module is perfectly ready for release to the public, there is still more ideas that I want to incorporate into the module, more user customizable features that is.

Right now, you can click the album art and it will bring you to google, with the song information as the search string. I hope to change that in the future and make that a user customizable setting (ie, checkbox to make the album art a link).

Also, what I really want to do is incorporate jquery/ajax into the module, and make lt so if you start listening to a different song on Ampache, your drupal website will update the block automatically without a refresh. Of course, this would be accompanied by a really cool animation of the album art.

So stay tuned for this modules release….