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The Ampache Now Playing (Drupal Module) is, like the name suggests, a module for Drupal that displays the current song playing on your Ampache server.


This module can pull information about the current playing song from an Ampache server via it’s RSS feed, and display it in a block. It can pull the song title, album, and artist, the date the song was played, and from what user agent the song is being streamed to (ie, ampache web interface, iphone, android, etc.).

This module can also authenticate to Ampache, and pull the album art, and display it in the block.

This module can cache both the album art and the RSS feed (caching is user customizable). The RSS is cached in the database for a default max age of 10 seconds, so if this module is used on a website that generates a large number of hits, this will limit the amount of connections drupal will make to Ampache.

The album art information is also stored in a database, and the artwork itself is saved, and scaled down (to make the file size smaller), in drupal filesystem, more specifically in {drupal_default_files}/ampache.

The user can clear this cache at anytime if they choose from the module settings menu. The user also has full control over what type of data is displayed to the end user in the block.

Example / Screenshots

You can check out a live sample on my website on the right hand side labeled “Ampache Now Playing”. Also check out the screenshot below.

Drupal Ampache


As of right now (8/11/2010) this module is still in review for release on the Drupal website, you can track its progress here But for those who are eager to try this module, and are not too concerned with the fact my module has not been tested/approved by those in charge of Drupal, you can check it out at my launchpad site