New version of Viridian released today, you can find it at Viridian’s Homepage.

This version has the following new features:

  • Ability to export local playlists to M3U files to be read in by an Ampache Server (thanks: porthose)
  • Fixes for crashing related to illegal characters in the XML (thanks: Geoffrey Anderson)
  • Support for the newest Ampache Nightly builds (3.6) by correcting the way Viridian requests information from Ampache
  • Fixed issues with Viridian when trying to view playlists from a server that didn’t have any playlists
  • Default download directory set to ~/Downloads if the folder exists… this should have been there from the beginning
  • Added ability to control Viridian with the media keys on your keyboard even when Viridian does not have focus! (thanks: Andrew Barr)