A command line interface to phillips hue

I wrote a command line tool to interface with hue lights. Check out the project page for more information



First, install Node.js, then:

npm install -g hue-cli

…and the executable will be installed globally as hue


Usage: hue [-H host] [--json] [command]

control phillips hue over the command line

  hue config          # view the hue config
  hue lights          # get a list of lights
  hue lights 5        # get information about light 5
  hue lights 5,6,7 on # turn lights 5 6 and 7 on
  hue lights on       # turn all lights on
  hue lights 1 ff0000 # turn light 1 red
  hue lights 1 red    # same as above
  hue help            # this message
  hue register        # register this app to hue, done automatically
  hue search          # search for hue base stations

  config, lights, help, register, search

  -h, --help     print this message and exit
  -H, --host     the hostname or ip of the bastion to control
  -i, --init     initialize the config file at /Users/dave/.hue.json
  -j, --json     force output to be in json
  -u, --updates  check for available updates
  -v, --version  print the version number and exit