Here’s a quick hack to get the perl plugin working for WeeChat on the latest (2014Q4) [SmartOS] (

weechat is now in pkgsrc, but it appears to have been built without perl support, which renders certain plugins not working with errors like:

/script install
script: script "" can not be installed because plugin "perl" is not loaded
/plugin load perl
Error: unable to load plugin "perl": weechat: fatal: perl: open failed: No such file or directory
If you're trying to load a script and not a C plugin, try command to load scripts (/perl, /python, ...)


To quickly work around this:

1 install weechat from pkgsrc

pkgin in weechat

This will install weechat without the perl plugin

2 compile weechat at the same version from source

tar xzf weechat-1.0.tar.gz
cd weechat-1.0
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ -DPREFIX=/opt/local

THIS WILL FAIL, version 1.0 does not compile cleanly on SmartOS. However, has been built, which is all we need

3 move the plugin into place

sudo cp ./src/plugins/perl/ /opt/local/lib/weechat/plugins/

4 it works

/plugin load perl will now work as expected


  1. have weechat in pkgsrc built with perl support -
  2. fix weechat build problems on SmartOS -