3 days to finish this! I started assembly on Wednesday and had to have everything finished by Friday for my birthday party. Followed plans from http://www.diypete.com/how-to-build-a-farmhouse-table/

Raw lumber - lots of 4x4’s for the frames, and 2x10’s and 2x8’s for the table top and bench seats

Assembling the table top by putting pocket holes in 2x10’s

More table top assembly

My drill wasn’t powerful enough to drive 6” screws through Douglas Fir 4x4’s, so I made a quick stop to Home Depot to pick up more powerful Makita drills (I LOVE THEM!)… they had a deal so I got a reciprocating saw for free!

4x4 frame assembled using 6” monster wood screws

Teaser - the table top resting on top of the frame

Sanding the table top and frame, and blowing the dust off

Another shot

Applying stain

Skye helping me stain

Fully stained and polyurethaned

Another shot fully stained

Starting on the benches

More benches

Benches + the table in frame

Ready in time for the party!