A pretty awesome entertainment center - followed instructions pretty much exactly from http://www.diypete.com/how-to-make-a-wood-tv-console/

Brandon helping me make the cuts needed for the project - with ridiculous precision

The basic frame laid out - all joints are made with pocket holes. The clamp is used to secure wood glue where the wood split from the screws

Figuring out where to place the lower slats

Dry fit of the slats on the lower shelf

Same as before different angle

Lower slats nailed in place, top shelves framed

All slats nailed in place

The entertainment center on its side to secure the side pieces

Overkill with the screws to secure the side pieces

Side pieces secured

The road so far

More ridiculous precision by Brandon. He sanded this thing for at least an hour and half and then I finished the job. The whole thing was sanded down with a 60 grit, followed by 150, then finally 220.

Dark walnut stain on the whole thing

Dark walnut stain on the top piece, and the piece of plywood that will be the back

Top piece dry fit (will be glued down) - also the end table I built is in the back!

Three coats of minwax semi-gloss polyurethane applied, and the top is glued (clamped and weighed down)

Plywood installed and holes cut for wires

Front shot of the finished piece in the garage