I bought the Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard a couple months ago and absolutely love it! It’s hands down one of the best toys I’ve purchased in a while - I just wish this thing existed 10 or 15 years ago!

This post isn’t meant to be a review, but more or less a post showing what I’ve done to my board in terms of mods. A review would be simple - buy one right now! It is an incredible amount of fun. Here’s a video I made while I was in Florida using a GoPro that clips to my helmet.


One of the first mods I did to the board was to upgrade the stock bearings. I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the Boosted Board Reddit Page and this “mod” seemed like a good place to start.

I bought Bones Super Reds Bearings from Amazon and replaced the bearings within the first week of owning the board. I didn’t follow any tutorial or anything, as this swap is fairly straight forward… I’ve worked on skateboards in the past and this board is no different when it comes to the bearings.

Board Holder

Based on a reddit post (can’t find the original link, sorry!) I bought these J-hooks (2x of them) and mounted them to my wall to hold the board up. They are incredibly sturdy, and 2 of them is more than enough to hold the weight of the board.

Underglow and Sound System

I was inspired heavily by this post by reddit user Juanchosky to use BlinkyTape on the underside of the board. I’ve known about BlinkyTape for sometime, but never had a project where it made sense to use it until now.

I purchased this battery with it to power the lights - it lasts for about 4 hours, which is more than enough time, as a normal ride gets me about 15 minutes.

I also had a Mini Jambox sitting around that I was using (an old Christmas gift from Voxer!) so I mounted that under the board, and pair it to my phone to have music playing when I ride!


I used a soldering iron to burn my name into the board - It’s not beautiful but I like it!


After like a week of usage, my BlinkTape broke on me! From constant connecting and disconnecting I wore down the flexible board inside and caused a short. I emailed their support and was overwhelmingly pleased with how responsive and helpful they were!

Long story short they showed me exactly where to cut the tape to solder on new connections. I fixed the broken contacts, and put a wooden dowel next to the new connections to brace it so it would never break in the future! I also changed the battery I was using to an old battery pack I had laying around, so I could disconnect the BlinkyTape at the battery instead of at the tape, to avoid wearing down the contacts.

The change from a 2500mah battery to 5000mah gave me way more than 2x the lifetime for the lights, they stay on for about 18 hours now (which is WAY more than I could possibly need!)