I built 4 chairs to make an outdoor sectional couch, as well as a table for my patio. I used modified plans from Ana White for the sectional, and made the chair design up as I went along.



Chairs are made out of 2x4’s for support, and 1x4 for the tops to hold the cushions. All 2x4 joints are screws (mostly pocket-hole), and all 1x4’s are secured with glue and 2” brad nails.

Fully assembled chair - later I go back and add a second 2x4 for the back of the chair to better hold the cushions.

Need more lumber to make more chairs

Lot’s of 2x4’s and 1x4’s cut

All 4 chairs built (not secured to each other).

Begin sanding…

Outdoor shot of all the chairs complete in the day time - outdoor water proof stain/paint used. Note that I didn’t have all the cushions yet.

Outdoor night time shot


Table saw at Mike’s house used to cut down 2x4’s and 4x4’s for a fancier look.

Me making some cuts

Frame assembled using all pocket-hole screws

Table top dry fit with 1x8 pine pieces

At first I thought this table might make a good coffee table, but I decided against it.

Upside down shot of the table fully assembled

Sanded and stained/painted.

Table outside

Another shot