I found this sweet shield on imgur and had to make one http://imgur.com/gallery/ZjuyE. I made the shield out of 1x6 cedar pieces glued together, and used a jigsaw to cut the shield and a dremel to etch out the design.

A single 8’ board of cedar cut into 4 2’ pieces, glued and clamped together

The design freehanded with a pen

Jigsaw cut design

Edges rounded with a random orbit sander

Dark walnut stain applied to the entire shield

Design drawn with pen (freehand), and then etched out with the dremel

Dremel sanding bit used to take off the wood with stain. I also used sandpaper to rough up the top and bottom of the shield to wipe off some of the stain and make it look weathered.

Red and orange acrylic paint mixed to get the correct color

Fully painted

An old belt was used with small screws and washers to be the handles

Finished shield… it’s definitely adult sized. Three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane were applied to the entire shield