My cousin came over one day so we could build an entertainment center for his soon-to-be game room! He had a rough idea of what he wanted, so we made a simple plan and got to cutting. All in all this project took about ~30$ worth of materials and only a couple hours to build.

All 2x4s were used for support. The rough edges were ripped off with the table saw to give it a fancier feel. The legs were cut at 10 degree angle to make a lot of room for the bottom shelf.

Pocket-hole screws and glue used for the joints.

Bernie using the brad nailer to secure the bottom shelf to the frame.

An upside down view of the table - the 2x2 isn’t part of the design I’m not sure why it’s there.

Building the top supports

Fitting the table top - the edges were routed to make it fancy

If Bernie wants the table he can sand it himself!

Instead of staining it, we went with a torched/burned look.

Bernie applying the first coat of polyurethane.

Second coat of poly

Final coat of poly

The table is done!