Last year, I covered the beam that runs in my bedroom with pine. This year, I decided to cover every other beam that was in my main living room with dark stained pine to match.

To get started, I bought a lot of 1x6’s and 1x8’s to glue together to make pieces that would cover the beams fully.

I glued half of them as 1x6 with 1x8’s (13” total) and 1x8 with 1x8’s (15” total).

The beams stained and polyurethaned, ready to be glued and tacked to the inside beam.

One of the beams with the bottom 1x4 attached, ready for the side pieces to be attached.

One beam fully installed

One side old, one side new. The beams will butt up to each other and be covered with leather straps.

I don’t have any before pics, but the old white vertical beams have been covered in pine as well.

I routed out this piece to slide perfectly in place around the fireplace ledge.

There is a small strip that is missing because of the size of the drywall - to fix this I made a small strip of dark stained wood to cover it.

The wood strip ready to be tacked.

What the strip will look like in place.

One seam covered in a leather strap.

The other seam covered fully in a leather strap.