I got this shelf piece sometime around 2012 when I was living in California from a consignment shop in Burlingame. It’s been a great piece and has worked well, but as more and more wood pieces have made their way into my house, this piece has started to stick out. I decided to, in the same fashion as the Ikea Patio Table Wood Top, replace the glass shelf with wooden ones.

Here is the before pic. There are 5 glass panes total, each measuring 32”x12”.

The most annoying thing about the fact that each shelf was 12” deep is that the largest board I could pick up from home depot is a 1x12”. While that sounds like it would work great, a 1x12” only measures about 11.25-11.5” deep (!!!) so it was just a tad too short.

To remedy this, I picked up a couple 1x5’s, cut them down to exactly 4” wide with my table saw, and glued 3 of them together to get 12”.

The boards glued, clamped, sanded, and cut to 32” each (5 total).

Each board stained with Provincial stain.

I brought them inside my house to add polyurethane. Three coats top and bottom (6 applications) of clear satin poly.

And of course, the finished product in all its glory.