After seeing how much I liked the DIY Closet Barn Doors that I made, I decided to make new doors for my bedroom and upstairs bathroom.

I had already purchased some hardware (that I used for the bathroom door) from Lowe’s about a year ago, so I ended up by what new pieces I would need to finish the bedroom and bathroom doors from Amazon

I followed pretty much the exact same steps from the closet doors I built a couple months ago. I glued and clamped a bunch of 1x4’s together until I got the width I wanted for the doors. Then, for the front decorative pieces I used 1x5’s for the sides, a 1x8 for the bottom, a 1x6 for the top, and a 1x4 for the center piece.

In this picture you can see that to line everything up, I clamp the bottom piece into place (without gluing yet), and then line up every piece relative to it. Starting from the opposite side I glue and nail the piece in, pushing it up against the clamped piece that I know is aligned perfect. Finally, I take the clamps off and glue and nail that final piece in place.

You have to kerf the bottom of the door for it to slide against the plastic guide provided - this way the door is locked so it can only move side to side.

For the bathroom door I learned from my mistakes from the bedroom doors - I kerfed the bottom piece first using the table saw before I put it in place.

For the bedroom doors (which I built first) I forgot to kerf the bottom pieces first, so I had to buy a custom jig for my router to do it. There was a lot of sawdust kicked up during this process - I would recommend doing this part first with a table saw if you can.

Side shots of the finished cuts

The finished bathroom door

The bedroom doors stain drying

The door hardware installed, and the doors ready to be mounted.

The door pulls from Amazon ready to be installed

Installed on the bedroom doors, the last one is for the bathroom door

The inside door pulls are from Historic House Parts in Rochester NY (an awesome store!)

View from inside the unfinished bathroom

Bathroom door fully installed and functioning

Bathroom door closed

Bedroom doors closed

All doors opened

All doors closed